Onion varieties

The main condition for obtaining a high yield of onions is the selection of valuable varieties for its cultivation. The varieties of onions are amazing, you can see traditional golden onions, onions in white and even in a purple shell, today more than 70 varieties of onions and their hybrids are distinguished.

Classification of varieties of varieties according to M.V. Alekseeva:

• southern;
• northern;
• shallots;
• Central Russian.

Southern and Central Russian groups, in turn, include Central Asian, Ukrainian, Caucasian and Central Russian subgroups.

Onion varieties can be classified according to other parameters, for example, according to morphological, economic and biological characteristics. According to this theory, there are spicy, sweet, semi-sharp varieties and shallots.

Early ripening onions belong to the spicy varieties, but such varieties are less productive. Early ripening onions can be stored for a long time, they contain a large amount of dry matter, essential oils and sugars. In addition, due to the coating with several dense scales, it can be removed using agricultural machinery.

Semi-sharp onion varieties give higher yields, but also take longer to grow. Bulbs of these varieties have a small amount of outer scales, they are not as dense as sharp varieties of onions, so they are easily injured during harvesting. These onions are more likely to be eaten. Semi-sharp varieties are medium-heavy, but on the other hand, turnip onions can be grown from such varieties in one season.

Sweet onions have good taste, give a rich harvest, but such varieties are grown mainly in the southern regions, since they have poor keeping quality, and such onions must be harvested only by hand.

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