Indoor cucumbers, care rules

Indoor cucumbers, care rules

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In winter, we all miss summer so much, and so we want to please the eye with emerald greens and eat fresh vegetables that grew in the garden five minutes ago. If even a child can grow green onions at home, then the situation is different with indoor cucumbers.

If you decide to grow indoor cucumbers, then before that you need to read special literature in order to have an idea of ​​the basic rules and nuances. First you need to choose a self-pollinating cucumber variety, as cucumbers will grow in specific conditions. And those varieties that are pollinated by insects are more capricious and at home may simply not produce a crop.

Cucumbers love sunny places, so in the house it is necessary to choose window sills, where there is a lot of light and heat, that is, the south side. There should be no drafts on the window, since indoor cucumbers do not like this and may die. If the window is about one and a half meters wide, then about 5 plants can be placed on it. In winter, you can install fluorescent lamps on the window due to the lack of natural light.

For cucumbers, it is necessary to choose suitable dishes, for example, flower pots, wooden boxes, the main thing is that there are drainage holes that will not allow water to stagnate. One plant needs about 5 kg of soil.

After the soil and the place for the cucumbers are ready, it is necessary to germinate the seeds and then plant them in pots to a depth of half a centimeter, cover with foil until shoots appear. Indoor cucumbers need feeding, so they need to be fertilized and watered with special compounds. When a cucumber has 5 leaves, it must be tied up, and young shoots must be pinned, this is done in order for the fruits to appear faster.

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