Black currant Bagheera

Black currant Bagheera

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Bagheera black currant differs from other varieties in that it is quite resistant to environmental changes and perfectly withstands both summer heat and rather severe winter frosts.

The foliage falls late, so this variety is very popular for people who practice herbal medicine with black currant leaves. It so happens that black currant preserves foliage until the very frost and goes under the snow without dropping the last leaves.

The Bagheera black currant grows rather quickly and begins to yield crops in 1-2 years after planting. In terms of ripening rate, it belongs to mid-season varieties, quite fruitful (up to 4-5 kg ​​of berries from one adult bush). The berries themselves are quite large, almost without acid, with a dense dark skin, ripen at the same time. Due to these characteristics, Bagheera black currant is excellent for commercial sale and industrial use (plucked berries are stored for a rather long time, do not crush and do not let juice).

This blackcurrant variety is not very pest resistant. It is susceptible to rust, kidney mites and other pests, so in the spring it is important to spray the bush with special means to protect against these pests.

When planting Bagheera, consider the future size of the bush (rather sprawling, dense and wide bush). The purchase of seedlings is best done in special nurseries that specialize in the cultivation of varietal shrubs and trees. But you will be 100% sure that you bought exactly the Bagheera variety and no other.

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