Choosing the right fertilizer for cucumbers

Fertilizers for cucumbers should be chosen as they grow. During fruiting, the plant needs potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus.

The industry develops and produces ballastless fertilizers for cucumbers, that is, they contain only useful trace elements. In this case, these are potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen and magnesium. The composition is usually indicated on the package. Fertilizers for cucumbers are different: potash, nitrogen and complex.

The plant itself will tell you what kind of fertilizer it needs. Light green leaves indicate a lack of nitrogen. The round shape of the leaf, bent to the bottom, indicates a lack of calcium. A light border around the leaf indicates that it is time to feed the plant with potassium. And the light veins on the sheets tell you that you need to fertilize with magnesium.

The nutrition of the plant will be told not only by its leaves, but also by the fruits. If the fruits are formed in the form of bulbs or hooks with a sharp nose in the flower part, then this indicates an unhealthy diet. The sharp nose of the cucumber indicates a lack of nitrogen, and the shape in the form of a light bulb indicates a lack of potassium. The curved shape of the cucumber indicates a sharp temperature drop, at night it is cold, during the day it is hot.

Closely monitor the growth of the plant, fertilize in a timely manner. Pay attention to the color and shape of the leaves, as well as the shape of the fruit. In this case, you will harvest a good harvest of cucumbers.

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