Cultivation of curly strawberries: myth or reality?

Who among us has not seen an advertisement in a popular newspaper with an attractive picture, where a climbing strawberry grows beautifully and bears fruit in a special flowerpot right next to the house, moreover, it is claimed that it is remontant, bears fruit from June to November and is frost-resistant. As you know, gardeners are enthusiastic people, and many of them ordered these seedlings. As a result, the seedlings received by the mail either died completely, or turned out to be bushes of the most ordinary garden strawberries, of an unknown variety, but not curly.

It turns out that curly strawberries are a myth, a term coined by scammers to lure more money from gullible gardeners? In principle, it is, but growing curly strawberries is still possible. To do this, you do not need to purchase unknown miracle seedlings from scammers. Plant in a hanging pot or tall flowerpot remontant strawberries that can bear fruit on a mustache, for example, Sakhalin, Ada, Herzberg, San Rival, Peikrova auslese or others. Let the plant grow freely, sometimes adjusting the amount of whiskers.

As a result, you will get about the same picture as in the notorious advertisement, however, there will be fewer berries on it. Growing strawberries in this way, one can hardly count on large yields; rather, this structure will serve as a decoration for the garden. It should also be remembered that such structures are unlikely to survive our harsh winters. This beauty will have to be created again every spring.

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