Benito f1 tomato - appearance, characteristics, reviews

Benito f1 tomato - appearance, characteristics, reviews

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If you want to grow delicious tomatoes with high yields in your garden, then Benito F1 tomato is what you need.

This hybrid variety is derived from Dutch tomato varieties, and thanks to crossing it has a number of advantages and characteristics. Let's consider them now.


  • Tomato Benito f1, description and photo
  • Productivity and other characteristics
  • Care features
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the Benito f1 hybrid
  • Reviews of tomato Benito f1

Tomato Benito f1, description and photo

The Benito tomato is a mid-season, high-yielding variety of the first generation, considered a hybrid.

Short description:

  • bushes - standard, determinant;
  • foliage - green color, simple shape, moderate formation;
  • ripening - occurs with brushes from five to seven pieces per brush, they begin to sing on 100-110 days from the beginning of disembarkation;
  • fruits - plum-shaped, slightly elongated, medium size, bright red, weight ranges from one hundred to one hundred and forty grams;
  • the pulp is dense, the taste is sweet, the smell is mild;
  • the skin is elastic, glossy, does not undergo cracking.

This variety is used in cooking for salads, sauces and first courses. You can eat fresh tomatoes or make juice that has a thick consistency and bright taste. Benito tomatoes are ideal for preservation, as their shape and appearance do not deteriorate when pouring with hot marinade.

The variety will not cause difficulties during care, the main thing is to find out about all the features in advance.

Productivity and other characteristics

Not every tomato can boast of such a high yield. Up to eight kilograms of tomatoes can be harvested from one bush. Much depends on the natural conditions and zoning of the site.

If you grow this crop by the bush method, then the yield will increase several times.


  • lend themselves to long-term transportation;
  • grow well in any area, even in the shade;
  • resistant to many diseases, especially fusarium and verticillosis, but not resistant to apical rot and pillar;
  • excellent keeping quality, stored for a long time. If you pick unripe tomatoes and leave them to ripen at home, then the fruits will ripen perfectly and will not lose their taste and presentable appearance;
  • cultivation takes place in open ground, in greenhouses, under film and greenhouses;
  • high taste data, the pulp is not watery, sweet, the minimum amount of seeds (the amount of sugar reaches 2.4 percent, and dry matter - 4.8 percent).

Not all hybrid species can boast of these qualities and characteristics.

Care features

Care does not require special skills, all that is needed:

  • watering;
  • loosening the soil;
  • top dressing;
  • garter;
  • elimination of weeds.

Let's take a closer look:

  • Watering must be done with warm water. Moisturizing should be moderate, but regular, twice a week. When the first fruits begin to ripen, watering should be reduced, but not completely stopped, especially during a dry period.
  • Fertilizer. The very first feeding is carried out on the tenth day after planting seedlings in open ground. It is good to use nitrogen substances or a yeast infusion first. To prepare it, you need to take one hundred and fifty grams of wet yeast, five liters of water and half a glass of sugar (you can use jam instead of sugar). Mix the ingredients thoroughly and put in a warm place for a day. Then prepare a fertilizing agent, a glass of solution is used for 10 liters. Repeat the procedure after 7 days. In the future, use potassium and phosphorus as fertilizer, periodically replacing it with ash.
  • Loosening of the soil is carried out after watering. You should not loosen the soil deeply so as not to damage the root system, it is important to carefully get rid of weeds.

The bushes do not need to be formed, but a garter is required, since due to the large number of fruits, the bush may not withstand.

If not tied up, tomatoes can lie on the ground and spoil. Some carry out mulching, covering the bed with straw or dry grass, then the fruits do not get dirty and do not lose their presentation.

As soon as the first fruits are formed, the foliage breaks off below the fruiting first cluster.

As you can see, the recommendations are simple, but following them will increase the yield and taste.

Let's watch the video and find out the secrets of growing tomatoes:

Advantages and disadvantages of the Benito f1 hybrid

Neither amateurs nor professional gardeners found any shortcomings in this variety.

The only drawback worth mentioning is the infection of the plant with stolbur.

There are much more positive qualities:

  • high fruiting;
  • excellent taste data;
  • ease of growing;
  • transportability and long shelf life;
  • It is successfully used in agricultural enterprises and in small garden plots.

The peculiarity of Benito F1 is that it continues to bear fruit until the first frost. On the hundredth day, a bountiful harvest is collected, and in the future, the number of fruits decreases significantly, but does not stop.

Reviews of tomato Benito f1

Svetlana: I bought only one bush, but then I regretted that I had not purchased more seedlings. The bush grew tall, strong, there are a lot of tomatoes, the weight of one fruit is not less than 100 grams. Tomatoes are very sweet and delicious. I recommend this fruitful hybrid.

Olga Ananyeva: I decided to try this variety and I really liked it. Ideal for winter storage, sweet and aromatic. There were no problems with care and cultivation. Planting was carried out in a greenhouse, the result is satisfied.

Eduard Bazykin: I have been planting Benito tomatoes recently. Growing in greenhouses. The bushes do not require special care, but I did not notice anything special.

We offer you to watch an interesting video, the author of which shares his impressions of growing Benito f1 tomatoes:

Kirill Prikhodko: I planted Benito F1 with seeds on a garden bed, then after germination I planted seedlings throughout the garden. The bushes came out strong, took root, fruits began to form earlier than other varieties. Gathered a huge harvest, happy with the transportation and storage. It tastes sweet, but the aroma is not strong.

So, Benito F1 tomato is a hybrid variety that is famous for its yield, taste and ease of care. The tomato is good for seaming or trading.

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