Rose Dortmund, description of the climbing beauty, characteristics of the variety, planting and care rules

Vigorously blooming, bright and unpretentious, the Dortmund rose is often used in the design of gardens, parks and squares.

Appeared in the Rose Empire of Cordes in 1955, it immediately won the hearts of gardeners with its spectacular shape and ease of care.


  • Rose Dortmund, plant description, bush shape
  • Negative and positive characteristics of the variety
  • Where to buy and how to plant a rose Dortmund
  • Bloom
  • Features of care and pruning
  • Disease resistance
  • Do I need to organize wintering

Rose Dortmund, plant description, bush shape

In the conditions of the German reserves of Cordes, the climbing beauty of Dortmund reached 3 meters in height and 2 meters in width. Dortmund has been decorating European gardens for nearly 65 years.

When the plant was brought to Central Russia, it lost a little in growth, but not in beauty.

Erect trunks of plants abundantly strewn with flowers can be placed on a decorative lattice or formed a stem.


Spectacular cupped flowers have a bright burgundy, cherry and red shades with a contrasting white core and a large bunch of golden stamens.

Abundant flowering, 3-10 flowers per cluster. The diameter of the flower is 10 cm. The smell is weak or absent. Flowering lasts from summer to autumn.

StemsDense, erect, with thorny shoots. The lower part is prone to exposure, therefore it is recommended to plant low-growing fluffy shrubs to the roots of the bushes
LeavesDark green color, dense, shiny.

Negative and positive characteristics of the variety

Each grower finds individual pros and cons in a flower, in accordance with their own ideas of beauty.

Such features of the variety as the absence of doubleness in flower petals and the exposure of the lower part of the stems can be attributed to both negative and positive characteristics of the species.

It is also strange to attribute the increased thorniness of the shoots of the variety to negative traits - the rose must be thorny.

The rest of the features of the variety are obvious advantages:

  • winter hardiness;
  • persistent immunity to disease;
  • unpretentious care;
  • long flowering period;
  • resistance to poor soils;
  • tolerates pruning well.

The flower tolerates Russian winters well, quickly regenerating after frost.

Where to buy and how to plant a rose Dortmund

Dortmund seedlings are distributed through specialized flower shops and online flower nursery shops.

Vendors cover the root system of the seedling in a peat substrate and place it in polyethylene or other protective material.

The site for planting should be located in the open sun, the composition of the soil does not matter much, since it is unpretentious and perfectly tolerates the land of any composition.

It is possible to plant in the ground in Central Russia at the end of April on days when the temperature begins to confidently keep at around +10 degrees C.

Since the plant tolerates frost persistently, seedlings can be planted in October.

To prevent night frosts from destroying the seedling, it is worth covering it with mulch or other covering material.

More information about the rose of Dortmund - in the video:


Flowering begins in late spring and lasts all season until October. During the flowering period, the queen of the garden looks very impressive and is able to outperform any other flowers.

Therefore, when planting a plant, it is worth picking up a separate area for it, since against its bright background, all other plantings will look faded.

During the flowering period, the flowers open in turn with whole brushes, which must be cut off as they fade. If this is not done, flowering will continue, but it will become less abundant, large shiny berries are formed in place of the faded buds.

Features of care and pruning

Rose Dortmund:

  • feels the need for an abundance of sunlight;
  • a slightly acidic soil is suitable for it, neutral, light and, of course, fertile soil;
  • needs to be covered for the winter, when the covering material is removed, the upper part of the stem may die off, which must be removed. A young shoot will quickly appear in its place;
  • needs constant cutting of faded inflorescences, otherwise the bush looks sloppy.

When pruning, thorns can cause a lot of inconvenience.

However, this must be done in order to achieve abundant multiple flowering on the same shoots throughout the season.

Disease resistance

Rosa Dortmund rarely gets sick, she is even resistant to bark cancer and burns. However, the disease of this variety can be provoked by providing the flower with poor growth and nutrition conditions.

Among them:

  • cultivation in soil with a high peat content:
  • unsuccessful landing location - a shadow, a draft, or vice versa, a stuffy, windy area;
  • compacted clay soil, poor in trace elements and nitrogen;
  • insufficient watering and nutrition.

Although the bushes are able to withstand poor soil and cold, constant exposure to negative factors, lack of sunlight and water can have a detrimental effect.

Do I need to organize wintering

The plant is resistant to cold in European winter conditions. In countries such as Belarus and the Baltic states, the rose calmly endures the winter time uncovered.

In climatic zones, where winter rates drop to -25 degrees and below, it is imperative to cover the rose.

For painless wintering, the branches must be slightly bent to the ground and covered with wooden shields without cracks. From above, an impromptu "roof" is covered with polyethylene, bending tightly on all sides.

The entwined climbing roses are covered for the winter on a support, wrapped in spruce branches or burlap.

Rosa Dortmund tolerates frosts well down to -10 degrees C, so the procedure for sheltering it for the winter should be started during the period of established frosts below this mark.

To prevent the appearance of rotten soil, it is necessary to ventilate the structures during the thaw period.

Properly organized wintering, a sunny place and timely pruning - these simple rules will make the Dortmund rose a real princess of your garden.

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