Violet Le Chateau Brion, main differences, rules of care and reproduction

In 2010, Lebetskaya Elena, a rather famous breeder from Ukraine, bred an amazing and very beautiful variety of Saintpaulia. Now it becomes clear why the full name of Saintpaulia sounds like this "Le Chateau Brion".


  1. Violet Le Chateau Brion
  2. We select the right soil
  3. Choosing a container for planting
  4. When bloom comes
  5. Where to place the pot
  6. Temperature regime
  7. Violet care Chateau Brion
  8. Breeding features
  9. Diseases and pests

Violet Le Chateau Brion

At the beginning of her career, Elena was not a breeder, she was only engaged in collecting various flower varieties and growing Saintpaulia. Only at the beginning of the XXI century I first tried to develop new varieties. This is the prehistory of the famous Le Chateau variety.

Flowers of this species are erect and have a dense structure. Their visual perception seems to be much more powerful than that of most of the representatives of this genus. The leaves are very similar to other species, but they have some differences: their color is more intense and bright, the shape is slightly elongated, and the structure of each leaf has a corrugated surface.

The buds that have appeared will pleasantly surprise you with their rounded shapes and a diameter that reaches 6 cm. Flower petals have a double surface and a dark ruby ​​deep color. On the edge of each and the petals there is a border, mostly white. Much less often, the white border has a greenish tint.

Correct fulfillment of all conditions for growing violets is the only and sure way to ultimately get a healthy and flowering plant.

We select the right soil

The land for cultivating the Le Chateau variety must be correctly selected. This plant variety will feel as comfortable as possible only in acidic soil, with a certain content of peat and sand.

Buying such land can be done in a specialized flower shop or made with your own hands adhering to the following proportion:

  • soil with a certain acid content - 5 parts,
  • peat - 3 parts,
  • sand - 1 part.

Charcoal will not be superfluous in the soil composition. But, its content should not exceed 10% of the volume of the planting pot. In order for the moisture to evaporate less, it is better to mix the peat added to the composition with vermiculite. it is also worth taking care of regular and high-quality feeding of the plant.

It is especially necessary for the normal course of the growth process. Top dressing should be different: in autumn and spring it should be mineral, and in winter only a solution of humate.

Choosing a container for planting

When choosing the container in which the planting will be carried out, attention should be paid to the following points:

  • in order to prevent the acidification process, you need to allow the roots to grow well. Since the plant is relatively small, a container with a diameter of about 6 cm will be sufficient initially;
  • for an adult plant, a pot with a height of at least 12 cm and a diameter of at least 10 cm is quite suitable;
  • at the bottom of the pot, without fail, there must be a drainage filler, the drainage hole must be large enough.

When bloom comes

The appearance of the first inflorescences can be observed only after the root system completely fills the container. The main whim of the Chateau Brion variety lies in the annual transplant. At the same time, the capacity may remain the same, but the land will have to be renewed regularly.

With special care, the roots should be cleaned from the old earth during transplantation. The damage inflicted by it can be quite detrimental to the condition of the plant or even lead to its death.

Where to place the pot

Violets of this variety are very fond of light. Therefore, the owners will have to take care of organizing the latter and choosing the correct and suitable place to place a container with a flower.

But, there is one caveat: with the arrival of the summer period and the onset of hot summer days, it is better to remove the violet from the place where direct sunlight falls. Otherwise, the death of the flower is inevitable. In general, the container with the plant should be kept for about twelve hours daily with good and high-quality lighting.

The ideal place to place the Le Chateau pot would be the window sill facing the north-west or north part. In the absence of such an opportunity, the pot can be placed on another window, but it is imperative to take care of the presence of dark curtains on it, which, if necessary, will scatter the sun's rays.

With the arrival of the winter period, in addition to natural lighting, artificial lighting should also be organized.

It is worth noting that it is quite possible to grow violets in a room where sunlight is completely absent. But, in this case, the organization of artificial lighting must be carried out at the highest level.

Temperature regime

With regard to the optimal temperature regime, it is worth remembering that the full development of a plant cannot occur at a low temperature.

The most suitable temperature for adult violets is 20 - 25 degrees, for young growth - 22 to a maximum of 24 degrees. The specified temperature regime must be maintained every day.

In addition, this variety of flowers is extremely negatively tolerates sudden changes in temperature and the appearance of drafts. When airing a room, you should exercise the utmost care.

Violet Care Chateau Brion

It is strongly discouraged to place the Château Brion pot in the immediate vicinity of any heating or air heating appliance.

To create a special and comfortable state, it is recommended to spray the flower with small water jets, to distribute the moisturizing liquid in such a way that it falls exclusively on the foliage and in no case on the flowers.

Breeding features

To breed a variety, you can use the following options:

  • by cuttings, that is, by rooting individual leaves, however, there is some risk at the same time getting a violet Le Chateau Brion sport, with some deviations from the standard, for example, the violet Le Chateau Margot looks amazingly beautiful, which, in fact, is the official sprint from Chateau Brion;
  • by rooting directly the peduncles themselves or pinching;
  • the most common method, by planting seeds, which can be purchased at any specialized store.

The attractiveness of Le Chateau Brion sport can be judged by the picture:

Lk Brion Margot looks even more original:

The Chateau Brion variety belongs to plants with very good immunity.

Therefore, it is very rarely susceptible to any disease. The main problem that owners will have to face is protecting the plant from pests or combating them.

Diseases and pests

The most common pests from which violets suffer greatly are mealy bugs. They mainly affect the floral part. When they appear, do not panic.

To eliminate them, you will need an alcohol solution and a soft, small piece of cloth or cotton pad. A cloth or disc is well moistened in a solution and with its help pests are very carefully removed.

If cases with the appearance of worms are repeated, then insecticide treatment will be needed to eliminate them. Also, chemical compounds will help fight both the tick and the whitefly.

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