Useful properties of blackberries

Useful properties of blackberries

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Blackberry is a thorny shrub that has biennial shoots and a perennial rhizome. Blackberries bloom in the first half of summer, fruits appear in late summer or early September.

Blackberry fruits contain minerals, fiber, vitamins, sugars, organic acids, pectin substances, tocopherols. The beneficial properties of blackberries are multifaceted, blackberries have a positive effect on most organs of the body, providing a healing and strengthening effect.

Blackberry strengthens the immune system, normalizes metabolism. Due to bioflavonoids, blackberries have antipyretic properties. Blackberries have a positive effect on the digestive system. It is recommended to use it for pathology of the stomach and intestines. Also, blackberries are used for kidney diseases, respiratory diseases, inflammation of the joints and diabetes mellitus. Fresh blackberries improve brain function, stimulate thinking and memory. Blackberries have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, reduce anxiety and normalize sleep.

Blackberry leaves have anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, wound healing, astringent, blood-purifying and diuretic effects. A decoction of the leaves is used for anemia, gastritis and poisoning.

Blackberries can be used fresh, you can prepare juice from leaves and berries, decoctions and infusions from leaves and roots.

The beneficial properties of blackberries can be used to treat diseases, as well as to prevent and strengthen the immune system.

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