Propagation of actinidia by seeds and leaves

Propagation of actinidia by seeds and leaves

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As with most plants, seeds and leaves can be used to plant and propagate actinidia.

Seed propagation

In nature, seed reproduction of actinidia rarely occurs. But at home, given the natural characteristics of the plant, this is not difficult to do. First of all, the seeds must be selected fresh, they should be no more than 6 months after being removed from a ripe fruit. Before planting, the seeds must be kept in fresh water for about 4 days. Then, the seeds are placed for two months in wet sand at a temperature of 20 ° C and for another two months at a temperature of 5 ° C. Seeds should not be allowed to dry out. Sprouted seeds are planted shallowly into a mixture of earth, humus and sand.

Propagation by leaves

The propagation of actinidia by leaves is best done in mid-July. Leaves should be chosen strong, large, well-developed, with a rich color. Leaves from the middle of the branch on short petioles are suitable. The leaves are planted in well-moistened soil and covered with a glass jar, plastic wrap or plastic bottle. It is important to cover the entire petiole with earth to the base of the leaf.

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