At what temperature should potatoes be stored?

At what temperature should potatoes be stored?

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Potatoes are one of the main vegetables used to prepare a wide variety of dishes. At what temperature should potatoes be stored? What should be the conditions?


  • What do you need to know before storing potatoes?
  • How to prepare a cellar?
  • Preparing potatoes
  • How to store potatoes on the balcony?

What do you need to know before storing potatoes?

Potatoes are not a food that spoils quickly. But if you do not follow certain norms, then this will lead to early damage. One of the basic rules applies to storage location. The room where the potatoes are stored should be cool and dark. The sun's rays are bad for the tubers.

From them, they acquire a greenish tint and secrete a poisonous substance. For storing potatoes, a temperature in the range of 2 to 3 degrees Celsius is ideal. Only in this way the vegetable will lie for a long time without losing its useful composition and properties. The room should be humid enough - 87-91%.

How to prepare a cellar?

Often, potatoes are stored in the cellar. But this is far from the easiest method, since this vegetable contains a lot of starch and water. This composition complicates the task. Experienced gardeners give the following recommendations:

  • It is worth taking care that the cellar does not overcool and overheat. This needs to be thought about before harvesting. If the storage room is built separately from the house, then it is not afraid of overheating. But it is worth protecting it from frost.
  • Experienced gardeners advise building a cellar above the cellar. This is a building that creates protection from the environment.
  • To insulate the hatch, foam or other material for thermal insulation is used. If the cellar is deep enough, then it is recommended to build another hatch near the first. A cushion of air will be created between them, which will serve as protection from the cold.
  • For insulation of the floor, foam is also used.

To create additional warmth, the cellar is supplemented with several lamps, which are placed in different corners. The owners will be able to turn them on on their own if they see a decrease in temperature. The task of such lamps is to heat, therefore they are painted over with black varnish.

If the location of the cellar is under the house, then excessive heat becomes the main problem. In this case, the owners should build a split system. But this is an expensive pleasure. Therefore, it is recommended to lean towards a less expensive option - this is a compressor that is taken from an old refrigerator. A good ventilation system has a beneficial effect on the crop. It will prevent early germination of potatoes.

Video on how to store potatoes:

To protect against excessive moisture, a waterproofing treatment is done. It is also recommended to place containers filled with lime in the corners. Before leaving the crop in the cellar, it is worth ventilating the room, cleaning it, treating the walls, removing rot and harmful insects. To disinfect the cellar, use lime whitewash.

Preparing potatoes

It is necessary to start preparing potatoes for storage from the moment when the crop was harvested. Harvesting should take place in a timely manner, root crops should not lie in the ground for a long time. If you overexpose potatoes in the ground, then it will be saturated with moisture, which will accelerate its deterioration in the future.

After the harvest has been harvested, it is necessary to prepare the vegetables for storage. To do this, you should adhere to the following sequence:

  1. Root crops are cleared of soil. This must be done carefully with your hands. Don't wash potatoes.
  2. Drying. Tubers that have been dug should be laid out indoors or under a canopy to dry out. But it is necessary to ensure that the sun's rays do not fall on the crop.
  3. Sorting. All root vegetables must be sorted out: put large and small potatoes separately. It is also worth postponing the harvest that was damaged by pests. If the owners do not buy seed, then it is necessary to separate the required amount of potatoes for further planting.
  4. Collection. The sorted potatoes are transferred to bags.

How to store potatoes on the balcony?

But not all people have cellars to store potatoes. What to do in such a situation? A balcony or loggia is suitable for this purpose. Their size plays an important role, since a lot of potatoes cannot be stored in a small area. Boxes are ideal for storing crops. They must be made from natural materials.

Such boxes can be designed independently from boards, plywood. All walls should be double, and the space between the structure is clogged with foam or sawdust. In this way, heat will be retained.

If it's too cold on the balcony, then you should put a couple of lamps near the boxes. The potatoes are covered with a black cloth to keep them green from light. Specialty stores today sell boxes that are ideal for storing potatoes.

They already have a built-in thermostat. Such containers will protect the crop from severe frosts. So, potatoes are grown by many owners. But in order to be able to feast on this vegetable all winter, it is worth knowing how to store it correctly.

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