How to plant cucumbers correctly?

Almost every garden plot has a garden with cucumbers. Cucumbers are rich in organic matter and contain potassium, iodine, healthy salts and fiber.

How to plant cucumbers correctly?

The best time to plant cucumbers is mid-May, when the air temperature reaches more than 15 degrees.
First you need to prepare the soil, remove weeds and fill it with fresh manure. Seeds are prepared a few days before planting. You need to take a bandage or a cloth, moisten it with warm water, wrap the seeds there and put it in a jar. In order for the water to evaporate less, the jar can be covered, but not tightly. Periodically, you need to check if there is enough moisture and if all the seeds are in order. Rotten seeds should be removed. When 50% of the seeds are germinated, they can be planted.

Cucumbers can be planted in round holes or long beds. The distance between the planted seeds should be about 20 cm, and between the rows - more than 40 cm. The seeds should be planted to a depth of 5 cm. After planting, the garden should be watered and then covered, because cucumbers love warmth.

Since it is very simple to plant cucumbers correctly, even novice gardeners can easily cope with this task.

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