How to plant tomatoes for seedlings: important tips

If you remember the cuisines of different nationalities, you will notice that many of them use tomatoes for cooking.

It is impossible to make ketchup without them; they are included in borsch, pizza and many other dishes. But to get a good harvest, you need to plant the seedlings correctly.

She needs to be raised healthy and strong. But how to plant tomatoes for seedlings? Not all people know important rules.

It is required to adhere to the correct sowing of seeds, for germination you need to observe a specific temperature, plants need proper watering and you need to choose the right soil.

The final stage is planting in open ground.


  • Sowing seeds and preparing for planting
  • Planting seedlings
  • Care and planting in the ground

Sowing seeds and preparing for planting

To make the seedlings strong, you need to plant the tomato seeds correctly. There are different varieties on which the sowing time will depend.

Seeds of tall tomatoes are planted in the second half of March, and low-growing ones in the first half of April. Initially, the seeds need to be properly prepared, and then you need to carefully care for the germinated plant.

Sowing tomato seeds consists of several stages:

  • Initially, you need to disinfect the seeds
  • After that they are soaked
  • Next, you need to prepare the ground
  • After that, containers are selected in which the seeds will be planted.
  • The final stage is sowing

Often, people independently collect seeds from the fruits in the summer and autumn. After that, they need to be disinfected.

The resulting seeds are laid out in gauze bags. Each bag contains a different variety. After that, separately, the seeds, wrapped in gauze, should be dipped in a solution of potassium permanganate (1%) for a quarter of an hour.

Next, each bag must be rinsed with warm water using a colander. The seeds that are purchased do not need to be disinfected.

The growers who sell them have already processed the seed material. But they will need to be soaked, prepared for sowing.

Initially, the seeds should be soaked. To do this, they are laid out on damp gauze. In this form, they should stay for about 20 hours. An important step is the preparation of the soil and vessels where the seedlings will be grown.

Often, some seeds are placed in the bags that are sold. For this reason, planting them in a huge box will not be rational.

After all, different varieties have their own characteristics, they develop in different ways. Therefore, it is better to plant them in different small containers.

Special plastic containers can be purchased. They should first be washed with soap and then scalded with boiling water.

A hole should be made at the bottom of all containers. This is done so that excess moisture comes out.

For this, a nail or metal knitting needle is used. This device is heated over a fire, and then it pierces a container or box.

Plastic containers melt easily. After that, you should prepare the soil in which the seedlings will develop well. For this, sod land is used.

Compost with peat is added to it, and then sawdust. Sawdust can be replaced with coarse sand. Before filling containers with this mixture, you should put stones or expanded clay on the bottom.

Planting seedlings

When the seeds have already been prepared, and the soil has been poured into containers, you can start planting. Initially, grooves should be made at a distance of 2 cm from each other. They put seeds in them. The depth should be about 1 cm.

You need to pay attention to the size of the seeds. If they are large, then the distance between them should also increase. This also applies to depth.

Often, seeds can sprout in a shell. It is better to exclude such a phenomenon. For this, warm water is applied to the sprout. After that, this shell will disappear. If you remove it yourself, you can destroy the sprout.

Therefore, you need to be careful. After that, you should cover everything with foil, and then transfer it to a place where the temperature will be warm (about 25 degrees).

Under these conditions, the shoots will appear above the surface of the earth after 5 days. It is systematically required to eliminate condensation on the film, which constantly appears.

Care and planting in the ground

When small tomatoes with two leaves appear, then a dive should be carried out. This makes it possible for the roots to develop, with the help of which the plant is nourished.

Seedlings begin to be transplanted into cups, you can also use a box. They should be deepened into the ground until the leaves appear. Sometimes the stem could already stretch well, then it should be twisted and covered with earth.

The plants that develop are accustomed to high temperatures. But they should be hardened, since the weather in summer is different, it can get very cold.

Tomatoes should be prepared for temperature changes. Hardening should take place within 2 weeks.

To begin with, the seedlings should be placed in the corridor, and after that it is gradually required to be taken out into the street, where it should not stand for long under the rays of the sun, while the wind should be negligible.

At night, she can be in the hallway. Be careful as the seedlings can get sunburned.

When frosts are no longer expected, then you can start planting seedlings. If this procedure is carried out correctly, then you can get a better harvest. There should be 4 bushes on one square meter.

To begin with, pits are dug, pellets from the bear are placed in them. After planting, you should systematically feed the plant, water it.

It is regularly required to loosen the soil. For the plant to bear good fruit, you need to water it every 7 days. If there is not enough moisture, then the fruits will be smaller. But it is also not worth watering a lot, since the tomato bursts from this.

You should also take care of the bush. The plant can grow tall and should be tied up. A stake is previously driven into the ground, which will provide support for the bush.

If there are too many leaves, they cover the fruits from the sun, then some should be eliminated.

Feeding should be done every 10 days. It can be mineral and organic. Today, this does not pose any difficulties.

So, in order for the plant to bring a good harvest, you should adhere to the rules for growing seedlings, and then properly care for the planted tomato.

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