Arcadia - a combination of the best qualities of the Cardinal and Moldova

One of the grape varieties obtained as a result of crossing Moldova and Cardinal varieties is hidden under the beautiful word “arcadia”. The Arcadia grape variety inherited only the best from its “parents” - stability and quality of taste. Arcadia is a fairly popular variety, known not only to winegrowers, but also to ordinary gardeners, who grow this variety for themselves.


  • Description of the Arcadia variety
  • Growing conditions
  • Planting grapes and rules of care

Description of the Arcadia variety

This variety is classified as very early. The Arcadia variety is characterized by a very high yield, has large, dense clusters, which weigh up to two kilograms. The color of Arcadia berries is yellowish, transparent, has an ovoid oblong shape. The weight of one berry is about 12 grams.

Arcadia (in everyday life it can be called "Nastya") is distinguished by its harmonious unobtrusive taste - sweet, but not cloying with a slight sourness. When the berries are fully ripe, there is a slight nutmeg aroma in the taste. The fruits are fleshy and juicy, covered with a dense, but not thick, skin.

Arkadia is quite whimsical in her care, but if certain rules are followed, she will thank him with a high yield of the best quality. This variety loves feeding and fertilizing, but moderation should be observed, otherwise the bush can be easily ruined.

Cuttings of Arcadia root quickly and well, quickly grow and bear fruit.

The main advantages of Arcadia: record high yield rates, good transportability, beautiful clusters, great taste.

Disadvantages of Arcadia: crop overload, protection from oidium is necessary.

Growing conditions

Certain conditions are necessary for success in growing grapes: warmth, sun, moderate humidity and love. Yes, yes, you got it right. Caring and love is very important when working with grapes, only in this case the harvest will delight you from year to year.

  1. Drop off location. Arcadia prefers the southern side, so it is better to choose the southern landing site at the dacha or personal plot. If, for some reason, this is not possible, then the seedlings should be deepened by about 50 cm. Thus, you will prevent the grapes from freezing.
  2. Illumination. Arcadia loves light, so choose well-lit areas for planting this variety. Of course, in partial shade there will also be a crop, but its amount will significantly decrease.
  3. Temperature conditions. The Arcadia grape variety, like other grape varieties, is very fond of warmth. However, when the air temperature exceeds 36-38 degrees Celsius, the growth of Arcadia slows down. The grapes do not tolerate such heat very well.
  4. Watering. Arcadia loves water, but do not overdo it, excessive moisture can ruin the roots. A drainage system is ideal, where the water flow is directed directly to the roots of the plant.
  5. Priming. Arcadia grapes quite easily "take root" on any soil, not requiring special conditions. When planting grapes in clay soil, drainage should be increased, and sand should be added to the peat bog.

Planting grapes and rules of care

To plant Arcadia, you must initially dig a hole, approximately 80 * 80 * 80 cm in size. Having fastened a peg in the center, it is necessary to provide drainage - for this, we fill in gravel or crushed stone at the bottom. The drainage height should not exceed 10 cm, this is quite enough.

The next layer is earth. Also pour about 10 cm of gravel on top. Then sprinkle with plenty of water. The next layer is humus or manure, 3 buckets are required. Next, pour in about 400 grams of superphosphate, 100 grams of potash salt and one shovel of ash.

All this wealth should be covered with earth, about 1/3 of the entire pit, and watered well. Around the peg, you need to make a small mound, then tie a seedling to the peg, the rhizomes of which are carefully spread on the mound. Gently sprinkle everything with earth, compacting it with your hands. Next, you need to fill up the hole with humus or peat, this is about 3 cm.

We should not forget about the peculiarities of the climate where Arcadia will grow. If the climate is very warm, southern, then the seedlings must be spud, 20 centimeters, in order to protect the roots from drought.

It is customary to use metal wire to create a support. If you plan to plant a vineyard, then the distance between the seedlings should be at least 1.5 meters, so that later the plants do not interfere with each other. If the grapes are planted along a fence or wall, then a short distance should be retreated, about 50 cm.

Care rules

The first fragment of shoots should be done when they grow at least 10 cm. In this case, it is necessary to leave 2 shoots and 4 on a seedling on the cuttings. The soil must always be loosened and weeds must be removed. The soil must be fertilized three times a year.

Every year it is worth breaking off weak shoots, as well as some young ones, after the antennae appear. 7 days before flowering, it is necessary to pinch the top of the grapes, so that the bush grows profusely to the sides, and not upward.

It is important to thin out Arcadia every year in the fall. Pruning is carried out further from the fruitful shoot, and always at right angles.

The Arcadia grape variety, with proper planting and appropriate care, gives a very good harvest, therefore it is deservedly popular among both professionals and amateur gardeners. This is perhaps one of the best grape varieties.

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