Broccoli and its beneficial properties

The most popular vegetable today is broccoli, and its beneficial properties provide a consistently high demand for it in grocery stores. Broccoli is also a source of sodium, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, copper and calcium.

Due to the presence of a special substance sulforaphone, this Mediterranean vegetable is a preventive agent against the development of many types of cancer, including breast cancer, prostate adenoma and melanoma. This cabbage has a green color due to the high content of chlorophyll, which has a beneficial effect on the normalization of the blood composition. Broccoli is considered an anti-sclerotic agent and is also recommended for the nutrition of people suffering from nervous disorders and heart failure. As a low-calorie food, broccoli and its beneficial properties are widely used in various diets.

Surprisingly, the Russian middle stripe is ideal for growing this Mediterranean vegetable. This cabbage prefers a temperature of 16-25 degrees, but can withstand frosts down to -10, so it can be grown from early May to late autumn, and in a seedling and non-seedling way. In addition, broccoli, unlike cauliflower, forms several heads and gives a significantly higher yield.

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