Growing white water lilies

Growing white water lilies

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The popularity of landscape design is growing every year, and experienced gardeners surprise everyone with the originality of their ideas, unique flowers and ways of growing them.

Today I want to share my experience of growing the beauty of the water world - a snow-white water lily.


  • Plant characteristic
  • Planting a snow-white water lily
  • Plant care at home
  • Preparing for winter

Plant characteristic

In the spring, when the danger of frost has passed, a small bud appears on the surface of the reservoir, which blooms and blooms for 4 days. This is a snow-white water lily - an aquatic plant with a 5 - centimeter thick tuberous rhizome. The leaves of the water lily are dark green, round, up to 30 cm in size. The flowers are snow-white, with a delicate sweetish aroma, up to 17 cm in diameter. Outside, the aquatic plant has thick sepals that support several rows of petals. In the center are golden stamens

The peak flowering of the water lily falls in July - August and lasts until the first frost. After flowering, the peduncle sinks into the water, where the fruit is formed and ripens. A ripe box opens, and seeds, like fish eggs, spill out from it. Within a week, they warm up on the surface of the water, and then sink and take root.

Planting a snow-white water lily

A water lily is not a capricious plant, but still, in order to grow it, it is useful to know some of the nuances.

In nature, the snow-white water lily is propagated by seeds, but planting at home is carried out using the rhizome, on which the buds are located.

The root of the plant is divided into several parts. In this case, there should be up to 3 buds on each lobule.

Soil for planting. A special cloth is placed on the bottom of the container, which will not allow the soil to be washed out, and sprinkled with a ball of sand. The rest of the planting container is covered with black earth and sand in equal proportions. The root is laid buds up, and sprinkled with earth and a ball of gravel. Then watered with water and lowered into an artificial pond.

Plant care at home

The snow-white water lily does not require special care. In order for the flower to grow and bloom well, it is worth doing the following:

Add fresh water periodically;

Remove yellowed leaves and faded flowers;

Fight pests. The plant is very often attacked by aphids. To get rid of it, you can spray the flower with Aktara or another agent with the lowest level of danger.

It will be useful to settle fish in the pond, which will keep the ecosystem of the pond clean.

Preparing for winter

There are three ways to keep water lilies snow-white in winter.

The first method is to bury the container with the root in the ground to a depth of half a meter. At the same time, it is worth watching all winter so that there is always a decent ball of snow over the place where the plant hibernates.

The second method is suitable for those who have a deep pond. In this case, the water lily is left to winter in the water if its root is at a depth of up to one meter. Here she overwinters well and in the spring will start young shoots.

The third method is to transplant the water lily into a small container and place it in a warm environment for the entire winter season.

Useful tips for growing snow-white water lilies

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