Marigolds: a few words about growing and care

Marigolds: a few words about growing and care

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Marigolds quite rightly are considered incredibly unpretentious plants and very undemanding to growing conditions and care. Even living on very poor soils, without sufficient watering and under the constant influence of harmful exhaust gases, they feel very good and delight passers-by with a blooming look.

However, the marigolds will thank you for your care and concern, delighting you with a very intense, abundant, lush and, most importantly, long flowering. It is best to plant them in open sunny areas or at least in light partial shade. Only erect marigolds, which most of all need sunlight, will bloom poorly in the shade. Flowers will thrive in fertile soils that should ideally be loamy and neutral in balance. If you cannot find such a site, and the plants have to be planted in poor land, take care of their regular feeding... Fertilizers should be applied at least two to three times during the growing season.

Many growers believe that marigolds - plants are very drought tolerant and practically do not need watering. To some extent, this is true, but leaving them completely dry is still not worth it. Such negligence towards flowers can lead to the fact that they become weak and lethargic, and their inflorescences are very crushed. But do not overdo it, otherwise the marigolds, especially when it comes to the upright form, will simply rot.

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