Perennial aster: the most popular varieties

Perennial aster: the most popular varieties

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Perennial aster has a lot of varieties and varieties, among which only three are of the greatest interest to flower growers. We are talking about shrub, New Belgian, and New England varieties.

Shrub aster, which was brought to us from North American lands, as a rule, used for planting flat and dense curbs, consisting of separate small bushes with many buds and thin openwork leaves. This type of plant grows extremely quickly: every year the bush "beats off" several new shoots. Its inflorescences can be simple or semi-double, while the color varies from white to pink, purple and blue. New Belgian aster, also called Virginia aster, is distinguished by highly branched powerful shoots, the height of which can reach one and a half meters. Its broad leaves are tinged with a rich green hue, and the small flowers tend to contrast with them due to their deep purple and dark cherry shades... The bushes of the plant are prone to "falling apart", therefore, in order for them to continue to maintain their beautiful shape, they should be tied up and shaped in other ways.

As for the New England aster, its bushes are even more impressive in size and tend to grow moderately against the background of constant compaction and increase in the bush itself. Semi-double inflorescences are collected at the tops of the shoots and bloom later than all other varieties. Flowers bloom only at the beginning of September, but they continue to decorate the garden until the first frost.

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