Terry daylilies

Terry daylilies

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Terry daylilies are very popular not only with us, but also among gardeners all over the world. This is not surprising, since the plant is sufficient unpretentious, therefore, even a novice amateur gardener can cope with its cultivation, and it is so beautiful that during its flowering it is simply impossible to take your eyes off these unusual flowers with wavy petals.

Terry daylilies are perennial plants that tolerate frost and drought well enough, therefore, with their cultivation, as a rule, too large flowers do not appear. In addition, they bloom for a long time. In most cases, their flowering period is more than a month, which makes terry daylilies an excellent decoration for any garden.

Terry daylilies grow well both in the sun and in partial shade. They can grow both separately and in the company of other garden plants, with most of which plants of this species get along well.

Caring for plants of this species is also simple enough. In winter, they are at rest, and in spring, when it gets warmer, it is necessary to remove dry leaves, which will allow the plant to acquire new ones faster. It is better to fertilize terry daylilies in early June, and then no special care for them is required. For the winter, they can be covered with a layer of dry leaves in case there is little snow.

In addition to flowers, double daylilies also have beautiful leaves, so they look great in the garden even when they are not blooming. This is another reason why gardeners love this unusual flower.

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