Blueberries: growing rules

Blueberries: growing rules

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Blueberries come in many varieties, but their beneficial properties are present in all types. Few people do not know about the valuable effects of blueberries on the human body.

Blueberries are rich in:

  1. The necessary antioxidants that save the body from the formation of various tumors;
  2. Pectin, which helps the intestines get rid of toxins;
  3. Potassium, carbohydrates, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, glands, minerals and vitamins.

Blueberries are not easy to grow on your site, but this does not mean that you should not try to get such valuable berries. For planting in our latitudes, it is better to give preference to high-mountain blueberries, they are also called blueberries, and in particular: Darrow frost resistance up to - 28 degrees, Blukrot - frost resistance up to - 34 degrees, Patriot - frost resistance up to - 40 degrees, Spartan - frost resistance up to - 40 degrees and Bludzha - frost resistance up to - 28 degrees. All these types of blueberries are distinguished by high yields, excellent taste, disease resistance, fruit a lot in July - August.

When growing blueberries, you must strictly follow certain rules and then blueberries will delight you:

  • The main and basic condition is high acidity, moisture and aeration of the soil. Therefore, it is necessary to pick up peat bogs, sandy loam substrates or sands for her.
  • For planting blueberries, it is better to choose a sunny area.
  • Blueberries cannot tolerate stagnant moisture or excessive shade.
  • There should be at least a meter of distance between bushes and rows.
  • Components for the substrate: needles, high peat, cones, sawdust, small branches, shavings, sand, transitional and lower peat. You cannot add organic matter and ash, you can pour it with an acidic solution to achieve the required acidity, for this you can use 9% vinegar, oxalic or citric acid.
  • Buy blueberries with a closed root system, before planting, you should soak the pot and the blueberries themselves in water for about thirty minutes. It should be mulched either with sawdust or needles or the bark of coniferous trees or shavings.
  • In the first year after planting, you need to water about twenty liters in the center of the bush, preferably twice a week.
  • So that the acidity of the soil does not fall every year twice under the bushes, you need to pour an acidic solution.
  • Feed with mineral fertilizers.

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