How to plant basil on a windowsill

How to plant basil on a windowsill

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Herbs and some spices are easy to grow on a windowsill in containers or pots. How to plant basil on the windowsill? It's easy even for a beginner.

Basil loves warmth and a lot of light, so, of course, it is better to grow it in the summer. He needs a temperature not lower than plus 12, he does not tolerate frost, just like drafts. Indoors, it can be planted in March-April.

Basil prefers drained light soil... The sprouts do not tolerate transplanting very well, so it is advisable to plant one or two seeds in a small glass in a moistened soil, covering with a film until shoots appear. When several real leaves appear, it will need to be carefully transferred into a larger pot, being careful not to damage the roots. For feeding, you can use universal fertilizers with humus, suitable for most indoor plants.

Seedlings and adult plants should preferably be placed on the sunny side. The optimum temperature for the development of basil is in the range of 16 to 25 degrees, however, it feels good at a higher temperature. It is advisable to water basil in the morning, he likes a lot of water, especially in hot dry weather.

When the plant grows up, it is advisable to cut off the tops, so it will bush better. You can pinch over 4-5 real sheets. Basil achieves its greatest aroma when it blooms.

After cutting basil quickly gains new leaf mass, at this time it is advisable to feed it.

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