Growing and caring for pumpkin

Growing and caring for pumpkin

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The pumpkin is very useful plant, therefore, many summer residents grow a pumpkin crop annually. Growing and caring for pumpkin requires adherence to some recommendations.

The pumpkin grows well on fertile soils under the warm rays of the sun. It is best to plant the plant on the south side of a fence, wall or other enclosure.

Growing and caring for pumpkin begins with the preparation of the site. First of all, it is necessary fertilize the soil... Fertilizer can be prepared independently by mixing half a bucket of sawdust, two buckets of humus, a glass of nitrophoska, and a liter can of wood ash. This amount of fertilizer is calculated per square meter. After fertilizing, the area must be dug up, a bed about 70 cm wide should be prepared, and then watered with very hot water.

Sowing seeds is recommended in the middle of Maycovering with a film. And after about a month, the film can be removed. It is recommended to make holes for each seed every meter, while the depth of the hole should be about 7 cm. To obtain guaranteed seedlings, seeds are required in advance. germinate.

Pumpkin care is about correct plant formation, watering, weed removal, and timely harvesting.

For proper formation, the main stem must pin when they reach a length of about one and a half meters. In this case, only two shoots should be left so that one fruit is formed on each of them. It is recommended to put glass or any other support base under the fruits that have appeared.

Abundant watering pumpkin is required only during the period of intensive plant growth.

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