Growing kochia from seeds and caring for it

Growing kochia from seeds and caring for it

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Growing kochia from seeds will not be particularly difficult even for beginners. The main thing is not to try to grow it in a container or pot, as this idea will not be crowned with success.

Cochia, photo
which makes you admire this plant, perfectly takes root in sunny areas. Therefore, open space is not always suitable.

As for the soil composition, Kokhia loves light, non-acidic lands with humus. Avoid stagnant water. In terms of watering, the plant is very demanding. Lack of moisture causes the leaves to drop and wither.

Cochia, growing
which will bring you a lot of positive emotions, needs feeding with liquid fertilizers. Thanks to this, the plant will retain the bright color of the leaves, and the bush itself will look healthy.

Consider that kochia summer cypress not indifferent to the haircut. After all, only you can form a compact, beautiful bush. To do this, you need to regularly pinch the tops. In addition, with the help of garden shears, you can give the plant any geometric shape. Many people like to make so-called hedges from this shrub.

Cochia, reproduction
which is carried out by seeds, is sensitive to such a pest as a spider mite. At the first signs of damage to the plant, it must be immediately treated with special chemicals that fight this disease.

To grow kohija, you need to prepare seedlings. Moreover, the seeds need light. Therefore, you do not need to cover them with earth - just press a little into the ground with your finger.

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