Cultivation of Kampsis

This tree-like liana is one of the few ornamental plants that thrives in urban environments. After all Kampsis primarily characterized by resistance to urban conditions, namely gas and smoke.

Cultivation of Kampsis possibly in areas with warm climates. In our area, the ideal place for him is the Black Sea coast. Them decorate the facades of houses and plant gardening fences in resort areas. Campsis responds well to pruning, which allows you to give the plant unimaginable shapes.

Kampsis is especially popular due to its flower gramophonethat appear in June on the shoots of the current year and delight the human eye until the first frost. In order to achieve the highest decorative properties, wilted flowers should be removed regularly. This will make the plant not only more attractive, but also prolong its flowering.

Cultivation of Kampsis begins with rooting cuttings or planting seeds... If you want to see the flowering of Kampsis already for 2-3 years, then choose the first breeding method. With the second method, orange flowers can appear only for 7-8 years.

When landing, give preference to sunny places with waterlogged and acidic soil... From fertilizers, this vine reacts well to nitrogen-phosphorus fertilization, which leads to a more active and exuberant flowering.

Campsis is relatively resistant to diseases and pests. However, if there is a prolonged heat, and watering is insufficient, then the plant may be attacked by aphids.

Campsis can also be grown indoors. The main thing here is to properly organize the pruning of shoots.

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