Planting and caring for daylilies - simple rules

Planting and caring for daylilies - simple rules

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Germans sometimes say that daylilies are most fond of "intelligent lazy people" - people who appreciate the beauty of flowers, but do not want to spend extra time working in the garden. Really, planting and caring for dayliliesand takes a minimum of time, and the result almost always exceeds all expectations.

How to plant a daylily?
Hemerocalis is a perennial plant that is planted for at least 5 years - the older the bush, the more luxurious the greenery will be and the more flower stalks are formed in one season. But without periodic thinning, the flowers of the daylily can grind.

Daylily can be planted throughout the growing season, but in the fall, it is better to complete all plant transplant work by mid-September. Daylilies transplanted in spring take root best of all. Saplings must be watered. During the daylily transplant, the bush is divided by making several notches on the bottom of the rhizome. It is necessary to carry out this "surgical" operation carefully so as not to damage the sprouts; after cutting, the plant is treated with a fungicide. When planting, the root collar must be deepened below the soil level by 2-3 cm.

How to care for a daylily?

Spring leaving. In the spring, the daylily bush is freed from winter shelter and treated with special solutions from diseases and pests. Repeat spraying, preferably two weeks later and 2 weeks before flowering. You also need to apply full fertilization.
Basic care. Daylily is an unpretentious plant for it, weekly watering is enough, followed by loosening the soil. When watering, you need to remember a few simple rules:

  • Water the flowers with warm water.
  • During watering, spray water should not fall on the buds, otherwise spots will appear on the blossoming flowers.
  • Daylilies need to be watered under the stems.

If planting and caring for daylilies is carried out according to the rules and with due diligence, then this wonderful plant will thank its owners with exquisite flowers and lush greenery.

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