The benefits of rucolla are undeniable

The benefits of rucolla are undeniable

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What is benefits of rucolla for a person? Actually, this leaf is correctly called arugula. It has long been used as food in warm countries.

Why is arugula useful?

This plant has long been known for its properties - not only taste, but also useful. The taste of the spice is bitter-nutty, it is called refreshing.

Arugula contains the following vitamins:

  • AND,
  • AT 9,
  • FROM.

But this is far from all the benefits of a green leaf. Evaluate what it is worth growing this seasoning for. Immunity will be saved. After all, the leaf naturally contains iodine and potassium, iron and magnesium, calcium, etc. They must be consumed daily. Arugula is also known for its antibacterial properties. Its juice is widely used in folk medicine. They also use seeds. An abscess, ulcer, painful calluses can be treated.

If the patient has problems with blood vessels - arugula will help, as it contains flavonoids. The work of the digestive system is noticeably improved. The level of cholesterol in the blood decreases, significantly regulates metabolism. Also, arugula has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Researchers are interested in a seasoning with a special flavor. Not so long ago, it was possible to confirm that it is used to treat stomach ulcers. More precisely, arugula could become one of the auxiliary means. It is relatively easy to grow it. It grows especially beneficially in the countries of the Mediterranean coast. And our gardeners successfully grow it on the windowsill. These are the benefits of arugula, a famous herb.

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