Growing strawberries in plastic bags is rare, but interesting!

Growing strawberries in plastic bags is rare, but interesting!

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As I heard a long time ago that strawberries are grown at any time of the year in plastic bags. Mom cordially agreed.

This method turned out to be very simple and affordable, but it turned out that it is best to grow strawberries all year round in an apartment, since all conditions are suitable for this. So the strawberries are protected from precipitation and the external environment, they are also constantly warm. At first, it took all a couple of square meters that we happily allocated for growing strawberries in plastic bags. We began to plant strawberries in bags arranged vertically. You can make it at home. To do this, you only need a plastic wrap, from which you need to weld bags with a round cross section.

Soon my friends became interested in this, as it turned out, they had also heard a lot about this method and told me. That if the ceilings in the apartment are yours, then growing strawberries will be easier. This way you can place the strawberry bags in two tiers.

Grow strawberries in plastic bags is fun and exciting!

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