To prune the faded roses in the summer

To prune the faded roses in the summer

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To prune the faded roses in summer:

Roses are very vigorous shrubs, which have a continuous development during the whole vegetative season; however, the flowers only bloom on new branches. For this reason it is essential to follow all the possible precautions to favor the development of new shoots and branches. Surely one of the most important things is to remove withered flowers; after the roses have withered, one at a time or all together, we remove the branches that carry the withered flowers, reaching up to about 3-4 leaves under the flower; in this way we will favor the development of new shoots, and therefore of new flowers. If the shrub is very vigorous, and has produced long branches during the vegetative season, when we remove the withered flowers we can also think of shortening all the branches, so as to favor a vegetative growth of the plant. Remember to use well sharpened scissors, to make clean and not overblown cuts; and to disinfect the blades after each plant, so as not to inadvertently carry a disease from one plant to another. If we practice very large branch cuts, remember to cover the cutting scar with pruning mastic.