Rosa Nuit D'Orient

Rosa Nuit D'Orient

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Large rose with a particular color ranging from mauve to violet with crimson red reflections. It presents a healthy and vigorous vegetation, dark green foliage of good resistance to diseases. These roses are re-flowering and allow you to have wonderful flowers throughout the summer. The bush reaches a height of 0.8 / 1 m.
It is a very fragrant variety that can also be used as a cut flower, given its great particularity and its beauty.
At the end of winter it is good to proceed with the cleaning and pruning of the damaged and dry parts, so as to best prepare the plant for a more luxuriant growth.

Rosa Nuit D'Orient: Hybrid tea care

The Nuit D'Orient rose is a particular variety of the tea hybrid family, very well known and loved roses, as they are characterized by large flowers that go on throughout the vegetative period, giving perfume and color.
These roses are born from the crossing of European species with particular varieties from the city, resulting in resistant and particular roses.
Their cultivation is easy and requires no special skills; It is good to place them in areas where they can receive direct sunlight during the day and it is advisable to choose a light and soft soil, as too compact a soil is a source of stagnation, harmful because they cause root rot and diseases.
Regularly intervene with the water supply, waiting, however, for the soil to dry between one watering and another.


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