Rosa Florida

Rosa Florida

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FLORIDA ® News 2000
Large flower bush with warm coppery orange flowers. The strong and compact vegetation has a brilliant dark green foliage. Excellent disease resistance.
This rose, although recently cultivated, is also much appreciated for the intense fragrance that its flowers give off, a factor not to be underestimated to set up a refined and beautiful garden to live.
Thanks to the great resistance that this variety presents, then, its cultivation is rather simple.

Rosa Florida: Florida rose cultivation

The Florida rose is a variety with large flowers that is used to create borders of great charm and beauty; for the cultivation of these roses it is not necessary to resort to particular techniques, being a rather resistant variety. It is advisable to plan their accommodation in a very sunny place, where plants can receive direct sunlight for a few hours a day, so that flowering is more abundant.
The ground for planting should have a good organic component and be soft and light, able to drain excess water to the best, without allowing the formation of water stagnation.
In the vegetative phase it is possible to occasionally supply a slow release fertilizer to give all the necessary nutrients.