Garden pond

Garden pond

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A pond in the garden

To furnish or make particular a small piece of our garden we can evaluate the possibility of building a small pond, water, small fish, maybe even a waterfall, also make a small garden a haven of peace and tranquility.

How to build a pond

Making a pond in the garden is not so complicated, a little good will and the right materials are sufficient; if we have a good budget to spend we can place in the garden a pond in preformed resin, this thing will simplify our work a lot: on the market there are preformed ponds of various shapes and sizes, some also contain small waterfalls, or they are built in resin that simulates the stone, to make them more natural.
If, on the other hand, we cannot afford the purchase of a pre-formed pond, we will have to prepare the pond using the special plastic sheets, very resistant and often, which are certainly a much lower investment.
We proceed by first measuring the areas where we want to place the pond, so as to be sure to buy a pond that can then actually find all the space needed in our garden.
Then we proceed to prepare a hole, which, in the case of the preformed resin pond, will be slightly deeper than the maximum depth of the pond we purchased.
We try to dig a hole with a fairly smooth bottom without slopes and the right dimensions; if we are not sure we try to place the pre-formed pond inside the hole, it must be completely contained.
Once the hole has been prepared, we will position on the bottom of the river gravel, so that we can easily level the bottom of the pond.
At this point we will position the sheet, leaving it to come out for at least 25-30 cm, so that it can be anchored to the edges of the pit we dug; with the feet or with a shovel we make sure that the cloth adheres perfectly to the bottom of our hole; then we secure the sheet at the edges, using pegs.
If instead we decided to place a pre-formed pond, place it on the gravel, and fill in every possible space that has remained between the pond and the edges of the pit we dug.

The finishing

Once the pond is positioned, we can hide the edges using stones, which will also allow us to better anchor it to the ground; or we can use common bark for mulching, which will hide the edges of the cloth that comes out of the ground, or the edge of the preformed pond. If we want more stability we can also use cement to fix the preformed pond to the ground.
Once the pond is in place it is time to fill it; then we will place flowers inside, or buried at the edges.
The presence of plants and fish in the pond, as well as making it a place more similar to a natural pond, allows us to decrease the maintenance of the pond itself, in fact the living beings present in the lakes contain the spread of algae and improve the oxygenation of the water.

Garden pond: And mosquitoes

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water, so the presence of a pond in the garden can also mean a greater amount of mosquitoes in the house. To overcome these drawbacks, fish are usually placed in the pond, which feed on mosquito larvae and significantly contain the population.
If the problem persists we will be able to use preparations based on bacillus turingensis, a bacterium that is particularly harmful to mosquito larvae, but harmless to be handled, to fish and small animals.


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