Thymus properties - Thymus vulgaris


Name: Thymus vulgaris L.
Harvest: During flowering.
Properties: Carmative, vermifuge, antiseptic, diuretic.
Family: Labiate.
Common names: Ferrugera, semirino, riganeddu, erbuccia.
Habitat: Calcareous and arid soils up to 1700 meters high.

Timo property - Thymus vulgaris: Property

Parts used: The whole flowering plant without the roots.
Storage: The plant is divided from the roots, cleaned and then dried by hanging in dry and dry places.
Use: Internal use: infusion and dyeing of leaves and flowers; external use: infusion of leaves for washing, rinsing and gargle.
Notes: To dispose of the effects of too much drinking, it may be useful to take a couple of cups of infusion, sweetened with honey, prepared with 20 grams of thyme and a liter of boiling water.