Ruta - Ruta graveolens

Ruta - Ruta graveolens

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La Ruta is a completely rustic perennial shrub, which develops into a roundish shape. The plant reaches a height of about half a meter and a diameter of about 60 cm, it is native to the regions of eastern and southern Europe.
The leaves are evergreen, of an intense green color, with blue reflections. The flowers, which bloom in summer, are small, yellow in color, with four petals, and are characterized by a cup-shaped development.


The favorite position of the plant is sunny, and it also bears particularly hot and dry positions. As a completely rustic plant, the rue can withstand even cold temperatures, below -10 ° C, up to a maximum of -15 ° C.


It prefers a well-drained and rather fertile soil, it needs frequent watering, especially in the hot season.


The multiplication can take place by sowing, during the spring or through the withdrawal, during the summer season of semi-woody cuttings.

Cultivation techniques

Rue is widely used both in the kitchen and in medicine. However, the fact that contact with the leaves in the sun can cause burns should be considered.
Harvest: it is harvested all year round.

Ruta - Ruta graveolens: Variety

To remember is the variety Ruta graveolens variegata, which is characterized by the color of the variegated green-blue leaves of vanilla color