Barberry - Berberis vulgaris

Barberry - Berberis vulgaris

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Name: Berberis vulgaris L.
Harvest: The fruits in autumn, the leaves between June and July.
Properties: Diuretic, febrifuge, anti-haemorrhagic, aperitif, tonic, hypotensive, laxative.
Family: Berberidaceae.
Common names: Spinapurci, grapes of la Madona, raisins, scotanella, crespin, pisacara, uva de la levr.

Barberry - Berberis vulgaris: Property

Habitat: Woods up to 1800 meters.
Parts used: Fruits and leaves.
Conservation: The fruits are usually consumed fresh, but it is possible to dry them in shady and damp places, as well as the leaves.
Use: For internal use only: decoctions and infusions of the leaves and fruit jellies.
Notes: The fruits are very rich in vitamin C and are characterized by a fairly sour taste.