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Dracena yellowed

Question: Dracaena marginata yellowed

In my apartment I have a Dracena Marginata which for about a month and more have been turning yellow and flattening the leaves in the extreme part starting from the tips.
What can it be due to?
How can I solve the problem?
Give me some tips for the care (water - fertilizer - etc.) of this plant?
Looking forward to your reply, I offer my most cordial greetings.
Roberto G.

Dracena yellowed: Answer: Dracaena marginata yellowed

Dear Roberto,
Thank you for contacting us about the problem on your plant, through the "Expert" section of "" ...
To the large group of the Dracaena otherwise also defined as "Tronchetti della felicitita" belong numerous species characterized by having sprouts and slender leaves of various colors from intense uniform green to mottled, which grow directly on a trunk similar to a trunk from which the name to them attributed.
They are evergreen plants of tropical origin that require, in order to grow properly, the environmental conditions of the country of origin.
The Dracena Marginata or from Madagascar requires modest waterings (suffers water stagnations) and frequent nebulizations on the leaves in the winter months especially if the plants are found near the radiators, and in the summertime especially on sultry days.
The temperature is very important in winter and must never fall below 16 ° C, while in summer the maximum temperature is 24 ° C.
Dragon trees are very prone to attacks by aphids and scale insects. In the case of His Dracena we are in the presence of an attack of cottony cochineal, an insect that sucks the sap of the plant weakening it. It is fought with specific treatments or by removing the scale insects individually with a cotton battuta soaked in alcohol.