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Lemon phytophtora

Lemon phytophtora

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Question: Lemon Phytophthora?

Hi I am Massimo, I have a lemon plant that has been hit in the collar where a part is without bark in the foliage the leaves are chlorotic and a phylloptosis is found I think it is the rot of the collar, how can I cure this disease? Waiting for your reply, I offer my cordial greetings.

Lemon Phytophtora: Answer: Lemon Phytophthora?

Dear Mr. Massimo,
Thank you for contacting us about the problem affecting your plant.
Based on the information you have provided on the lemon plant, we believe that the diagnosis you estimate is close to the typical fungal symptoms of collar necrosis (Phytophthora spp.).
If together with the symptomatic picture you reported: lifting of the cortex in the area of ​​the collar and generalized chlorosis with phylloptosis, it is also possible to notice the release of gum substances and a browning in the underlying area, the pathology is confirmed.
Normally among the causes predisposing to this pathology, there is water stagnation or excessive watering and sometimes thermal imbalances.
The first interventions to be implemented are therefore those of agricultural cultivation aimed at reducing thermal excesses and humidity, while as a direct cure, if your plant has maintained a vital part of the bark it can attempt to recover it, with stripping in the collar area, removing the bark infected and subsequent treatment with copper.
If its plant is in pot there is a greater chance of success because repotting removes all infected material: roots, soil
For all these operations, great care must be taken not to accidentally contaminate other plants by disinfecting cutting tools (copper is excellent) and by destroying the infected parts with fire.
Yours sincerely.


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