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Question: Anthurium

I received a beautiful Anthurium plant as a gift but a few days ago I saw that the margins of some leaves are drying up. It is placed in a not very bright place and is regularly wetted. What can he have?

Anthurium: Answer: Anthurium

Dear Mrs. Giuliana,
We thank you for contacting us about the questions about your Anthurium plants through the section of the Expert of
Anthurium (Anthurium Andreanum) is a plant native to Colombia belonging to the arachnee, and then related to Spathiphyllum.
It is a plant with a double decorative effect (leaves and flowers).
It has lance-shaped heart-shaped leaves of bright green color and up to 25 cm long. The plant is generally 45 cm high and carries small yellow flowers gathered in a Spadix about 7-8 cm long, wrapped in a generally red (but also white), ovate Spata, which is formed in the spring-summer period.
They are grown in pots with soils that retain the water which is the most important element for the plant. In fact, it requires 2-3 weekly waterings without creating stagnations, when temperatures are high, daily sprays are recommended to keep the environment humid. It needs penumbra in summer and full light in winter, optimal temperatures of 21 ° C all year, with minimum temperature of 16 ° C in winter and regular fertilizations. It should be repotted annually in the winter period.
It requires bright environments but with indirect light temperatures from 13 to 24 ° C and high humidity without stagnation.
Due to its problem, leaves with dry margins can be mainly due to water imbalances or excessive humidity. The plant must be left to dry, then halve the watering, check that the drainage holes are not blocked and that the composition of the soil is correct. The plant should not be immersed in water.
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